VivaroVivaro, located in the foothills of Pordenone, is also known as common in "Magredi". The etymology of Vivaro (Vivarium in older texts) is undoubtedly of Roman origin.

Vivaro’s mill, in the past belonging to the counts of Attimis in Maniago goes back to 1341st and has always worked using water from the irrigation ditch arising from Cellina’s river.

You can also find here the "Latarìa", a typical example of building with stone walls squared stonemasons and The “Antiquarium” which is at the moment the richest collection of Roman ruins in the province of Pordenone.

Findings proved that agriculture, livestock, handicrafts and trade, were much more intense than what was thought to be, considering the isolation of these areas in between the “grave” of Cellina-Meduna.