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The painted city: this is how Pordenone is called because of the many frescoed buildings lining the main road through the town’s old centre. But the past is only in its look. Today, Pordenone is a welcoming town ready to face present and future challenges. Dynamism and creativity emerge in the town’s music and literature and its many international events that have made Pordenone a rich and original cultural destination.

The heart of the city is full of cafés, cake shops and elegant boutiques, ideal for a stroll to take in some shopping with an art-driven aspect. In fact Pordenone was the birthplace of the great Renaissance painter Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis, better known as Il Pordenone. His masterpieces may be admired in the Duomo di San Marco and in the lovely Civic Art Museum.

For nature lovers, a short walk from the town centre leads to the Noncello river, an oasis of peace and quiet.
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Located on the banks of the Tagliamento river, Spilimbergo is one of the most beautiful and interesting art cities in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


It is a village of ancient origins, which grew primarily during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The centre, retaining its original medieval structure, has undergone continuous restoration work to enhance the works of artists who have succeeded each other over the centuries, including Giovanni Antonio de’ Sacchis, also known as “il Pordenone”, and Giovanni Antonio Pilacorte. The splendour of the past comes to life every year in August with the Historical Re-enactment of the Macia, named after an ancient unit of measurement used for fabrics also reproduced on a palazzo in Piazza del Duomo.

Peculiarities of Spilimbergo

Known throughout the world for its decorative mosaics, it is home to the prestigious Mosaic School of Friuli, an institution unique in the world founded in 1922. Today it teaches the use of Roman, Byzantine and modern mosaic techniques and it researches and experiments aesthetic and functional solutions applied to contemporary times.

Source: https://www.turismofvg.it/spilimbergo

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Valvasone Arzene

The municipality of Valvasone Arzene, in the province of Pordenone, is a member of the “Italy’s most beautiful villages” club, thanks to the excellent state of conservation of the historic centre of the village of Valvasone, which boasts a number of elegant dwellings dating to between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. The most important architectural feature is the castle which, surrounded by the moat and the ancient city walls, preserves two bedrooms with stucco work, a small eighteenth-century theatre and a rich collection of paintings. Another attraction not to miss is the nearby old water mill, which still has its wheel and dates to the fifteenth century.

The municipality is also home to another two small treasures: the cathedral houses the only existing sixteenth-century Venetian organ in Italy, while the Church of Santa Margherita contains an oil painting of the San Vito citizen Pomponio Amalteo depicting Saint Margaret between Saint Sebastian and Saint Roch.

Source: https://www.turismofvg.it/valvasone-arzene

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